OUR DISCLAIMER (updated at 7 PM on Apr.09/2024):

1. We are a CLEANING team.
We guarantee that your eavestroughs, gutters, and downspouts are clean for water flow when we have finished.
However, we have no control over the layout- or age issues of your rain gutter system, unfortunately. Yes, we will remove all clogs & debris. We can even rinse, wash, or wipe your gutters (for additional charges).
At the same time, if your gutters are sagging, have a wrong pitch, or your downspout extensions have too many elbows, we can’t fix it with cleaning, you need to hire a gutter repair company. When you visit a car wash, you don’t expect them to fix the car’s mechanical issues, so please don’t expect us to fix the structural problems of your gutters with cleaning.
Please keep in mind, that when it’s raining hard, it will overflow your gutters even if they have been just cleaned. If hail clogs your downspouts, the gutters will overflow too.

2. Warranty.
2.1. All gutter & downspout repairs, including re-caulking and extensions, have a one-month warranty (industry average).

3. Pay for the results, not by the hour.
Please keep in mind that we don’t price jobs based on worked hours or linear feet of the length of your gutters. That means whether the job takes 30 minutes or 3 hours, your problem will be solved. That means clogs and obstructions in your gutters & downspouts will be cleared, and they will be running freely. However, if the cleaning takes only 30 min, we’ll still charge the full price we quoted you. Our pricing is not based on worked minutes or hours alone but rather takes into account the value of our equipment, expertise, insurance coverage, a lost opportunity of completing another job while coming to your property, and the inherent risks associated with working at heights.

4. Debris disposal.
The debris from your gutters & downspouts will be disposed of in your green and black garbage bins. If you don’t want that, please let us know before the appointment, and we can haul it away for an additional charge.

5. Walking on your roof.
If your roof is walkable (pitch, conditions), we will, most likely, walk on your roof to speed up the cleaning process. If you don’t like that, please let us know ahead of time. Usually, we can arrange the cleaning from the ground instead (for additional charges).

6. Photography and videography.
Please notify us if photography and videography are prohibited on your premises. Otherwise, they will be taken for reporting and quality assurance reasons. On occasion, they may be utilized for promotional purposes, ensuring that residents, house numbers, and vehicle license plates are not visible.

Parking.Please inform us if there is no free parking by your property, so we can add the parking fee to the bill. If our vehicle needs to be registered for parking, please do so accurately. If we get a parking ticket, we’ll bill it to you. Don’t take it personally but we’ve had problems when homeowners forget to register us or enter a wrong license plate.

8. Attached houses.
If your home is attached to another home (duplex, townhouse, row-house, condo), or your garage is attached to another garage, we can sure clean the gutters of your house (garage). However, because they are connected to neighbour(s), you will probably get their debris in your gutters and downspouts again. We understand sometimes it’s hard to deal with neighbours, but we can’t clean their side without getting paid, unfortunately. We offer a discount in case you wish to convince your attached neighbour.

9. Weather and safety.
We have no control over the weather, unfortunately. We may have to reschedule or stop the work if the weather is changing drastically. We usually can’t work on wet, frosty, or snowy roofs. It’s for your and our safety. We can’t work in the strong wind either. The safety of our crew and customers is our first priority.

10. Stay inside or stay away.
We always ring a doorbell on arrival (except for multi-family properties). If no one answers the door, we assess the job and commence the cleaning. We kindly ask everyone to stay away from the active work zone for safety: the technicians can’t hear or see everything properly while running power equipment. In addition, keep in mind the ‘dropped and falling objects’ hazard.

11. You know your property better.
Please let us know of anything that we should keep in mind while performing the job at your property: safety hazards, locked gates, agitated neighbors, special areas, etc.

12. Liability of the company.
We are responsible only for our own negligence. We assume no liability of any kind for loss or damage to property caused by a third party or the owner.

We will clean your gutters, eavestroughs, and downspouts. We cherish our reputation, and we are your gutter cleaning solution. We want to be your reliable connection for that.


1. Gutter “cleaning” is not literal in its traditional definition of cleaning “Free from marks, stains, or dust”. Your gutters are not kitchen counters, so they won’t be that clean. It is understood by both parties that the primary intent of a gutter cleaning is to allow proper water flow and drainage from the roof surface, through gutters, down downspouts, and exit to grade or underground drainage system. Some amount of shingle grit (granules), debris, sand, or mud may remain in the gutter but will not affect water flow. We do not rinse, wash, or wipe gutters unless that is requested (for additional charges) before the job.

2. It is understood under this agreement that the customer represents that their property’s roof is structurally sound, and is able to withstand the weight of workers and their tools. In the event that the roof does not meet these conditions, any resulting damages are the sole responsibility of the customer, and “A-Team: Happy Home” shall not be responsible for said damages. This includes but is not limited to, broken or cracked roofing shingles (asphalt, tile, slate, cedar, etc) roof decking, and rafter boards.

3. No warranties, expressed or implied, are offered under this agreement. “A-Team: Happy Home” shall not be responsible for property damage of any kind caused either directly or indirectly by water-related damage including but not limited to, mold and mildew, drywall, landscaping, window, siding, wood trim, or structural damage.

4. The work is to be completed by skilled workmen, in a professional and workmanlike manner in accordance with industry standards.

5. Work will be performed Monday through Sunday starting at 9:00 AM till sunset. Weather, and favorable working conditions permitting. Power equipment will be used within the city of Calgary’s noise bylaw.

6. Customer must provide “A-Team: Happy Home” notice of any damage to the property that the customer believes is “A-Team: Happy Home” responsibility within three (3) business days following completion of the Project.

Q: What exactly does your ‘No-Blockage’ guarantee* mean?
A: The ‘No-Blockage’ warranty means that we stand behind our work. We will check and clean your entire rain gutter system (except for underground drains), whether you are present at the property or not. If you believe we may have overlooked anything, we will gladly return to double-check without any additional cost.
We provide a guarantee that your rain gutter system will be completely clear of blockages and obstacles once our cleaning process is complete. This condition will persist for the specified guaranteed duration OR until the occurrence of the next windstorm, rainstorm, hailstorm, leaf fall, or snowfall. It is important to note that we cannot influence the forces of nature, and there is a possibility of your gutters and downspouts becoming clogged again, much like how a car gets dirty again at some point after being taken to a car wash

Q: What is the ‘FREE bird nest removal’**?
A: We’ll remove a bird nest(s) WITHIN THE BUILDINGS that we are cleaning, with no additional charges. Unless we must take something apart (soffit, dryer’s vent, etc). If the nest is in a tree but safely reachable from the buildings, we can remove it too.
The nest can’t have eggs or little birds in it (bylaw regulations) at the time of removal. In addition, we can’t disturb endangered birds in any way (bylaw regulations). We don’t just remove any nests that we see, you have to request that (prior to the job).
Please note: 1 big nest or 2 small nests per job only. Please note: insects’ and animals’ nests are not included in this offer.