OUR DISCLAIMER (updated at 7 PM on Oct.30/2021):

1. We are a CLEANING team.
We guarantee that your eavestroughs, gutters, and downspouts are clean for water flow when we have finished. However, we have no control over the layout- or age issues of your rain gutter system, unfortunately. Yes, we will remove all clogs & debris. We can even wipe or pressure wash your gutters (additional charges). At the same time, if your gutters are sagging, have a wrong pitch, or your downspout extensions have too many elbows, we can’t fix it with cleaning, you need to hire a gutter repair company.

2. Warranty.
2.1. All repairs, including re-caulking and extensions, have a one-month warranty (industry standard).

3. Pay for the result, not by the hour.
Please keep in mind that we don’t price jobs based on worked hours or linear feet of the length of your gutters. That means whether the job takes 30 min, or 3 hours, your problem will be solved. That means clogs and obstructions in your gutters & downspouts will be cleared and they will be running freely.

4. Weather.
We have no control over the weather, unfortunately. We may have to reschedule because we can’t work on wet, frosty, or snowy roofs. We can’t work in a strong wind either. In addition, when it’s raining hard, it will overflow your gutters even if they have been just cleaned. If hail clogs your downspouts, the gutters will overflow too.

5. Safety: Stay inside or stay away.
We kindly ask everyone to stay away from the active work zone for safety: the technicians can’t hear or see everything properly while running power equipment.

6. You know your property better.
Please let us know of anything that we should keep in mind while performing cleaning at your property: safety hazards, locked gates, agitated neighbors, special areas, etc.

We will clean your gutters, eavestroughs, and downspouts. We cherish our reputation, and we are your gutter cleaning solution. We want to be your reliable connection for that.

Q: What exactly does your ‘No-Blockage’ guarantee* mean?
A: The ‘No-Blockage’ warranty means that we stand behind our work. We will check and clean your entire rain gutter system (except for underground drains), whether you are present at the property or not. If you think that we missed something, we’ll come back to double-check, no extra charge. We guarantee that your rain gutter system is free of clogs and obstructions once we have finished the cleaning. It will stay like that for the guaranteed time or at least until the next hail, leaf- or snowfall.